How to start a business without money

I want to start a business and I do not have money , is it possible to start a business without money ? Maybe you think that asking this question is something useless, since nowadays most of the businesses and most of the things, move by and for the money.

Well, we are happy to communicate that yes, it is possible to start a business without money . Arriving at this point, you’re probably thinking: how to start a business without money this 2019? or, rather, what business to ride with little money?

Lee lee !, do not go to stay with the desire to know how it is possible to realize your dreams of starting your own business.


Make no mistake, now who has Internet and wants to start a profitable business with little money can. And I say with little money because in some cases yes you need to invest some money, however little, to take a business forward.

For example, if you have opted for the creation of a blog, including the purchase of the domain and hosting, the price will be less than € 60 for a 12-month activity.

Other options for setting up a profitable business with little money would be advisory and consultancy issues, such as the introduction of private classes, either for studies, or sports activities in which the “personal trainer”, the financial advice and the organization of events among others.

Businesses such as hairdressers, aesthetics and beauty treatments at home, clothing arrangements and even clothing designs are businesses with which you could obtain benefits.


Knowing that with the Internet it is possible to start a business without money , or in some cases, with little money, now let’s see how to bring this to life.


  1. First of all, you should think very carefully about the business idea that you want to shape. For this, your skills will be very helpful and of course the effort and enthusiasm that you put into it.
  2. That the idea you have in mind is in high demand is something important to start a business without money .
  3. It is also important that you have a good training and know about the business you want to build, because it will open many doors.
  4. And of course, do not forget that you have legal obligations and that you must get up to date with current legislation. In the case that you generate income is something very important.

Riding a profitable business with little money is not “turkey moo,” as they say. You should spend a lot of time and, above all, put desire and enthusiasm.

You have to bear in mind, that setting up a business with little money will involve a lot of effort and many doubts, but once you have everything clear do not hesitate and go for it. Who does not risk, does not win and if you want to stand out on your own this is your opportunity.

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