Astro Bank loans: personal loans part I


As we have had occasion to specify so many times in this guide, nowadays, all the banks try to meet the needs of the customers, proposing ad hoc financial solutions, many times customized, so as to adapt each offer to the needs and economic conditions of the applicant.

Advantageous and intelligent offers able to understand the real needs of the customer, amortization plans specifically designed to facilitate repayment: the entire banking system is revolutionized in order to immerse itself in the man of today, not only interested in investments, or amusements but also and above all to the financing of life projects, as in the case of important payments and realization of dreams such as the construction or purchase of a house.

Astro bank is part of that list of banks that aims to satisfy customers’ needs. Precisely for this reason, the bank proposes itself on the market with a series of offers compatible with the needs of modern times: versatile mortgages and personal loans compatible with the most varied profiles.

Already in other articles in this guide the attention has been focused on the various types of bank loans offered by Astro, but here, instead, you want to deepen another fundamental aspect of the banking proposal, namely personal loans.



There are many personal loan proposals implemented by Astro bank and this guide aims to illustrate them all, one at a time, in such a way as to provide an exhaustive overview and further help for the interested reader, in search of the loan to own measure.
The personal loans of the Astro bank are as follows:

  • FidoPiù;
  • Monorata Service;
  • For You Loan in the Pocket;
  • Multiple Loan;
  • Loan Maxi Pignoratizio;
  • INPS Pensioner Loan;
  • Mortgage Loan Protection;
  • Superflash loan;
  • Public Employment Loan.



The Astro loan called FidoPiù is combined with a bank account and is aimed at supporting the customer in dealing with unexpected expenses, as it favors the need for flexibility linked to the investments of the family or a company.

Depending on the real needs of the applicant, Astro bank offers the customer two different types of Fido. The real FidoPiù is addressed to those who can be classified within the category of self-employed, with a permanent or atypical contract and for those amounts over $ 2,000.

The FidoPiù Light, on the other hand, is intended for those who can be classified within the categories of employees or pensioners, in the event that amounts of $ 2,000 are requested; alternatively, if a sum of $ 1,000 is required, the credit line must be combined with the Easy Account.

For both loans, the duration is determined based on the time stipulated by the work contract at the time of subscription.
The monthly repayment does not take place through the payment of the installments, but you can choose to restore the liquidity made available by the bank at any time you wish, paying a fee to which a flexible interest rate is applied (to be chosen between fixed or variable ).

To access this type of loan it is necessary to present the following documentation: the last tax return or the last pay slip.



The Monorate Service offered by Astro bank allows all installments of loans and mortgages spread across multiple banks to be combined into a single payment solution. A single monthly payment is more convenient and easier to check.

In a nutshell: sometimes you risk messing up your financial situation, with the opening of different mortgages in several banks, seeing you are forced to pay multiple installments at the same time, instead, through the Monorate Service, Astro proposes to customers to reunify under a all the other installments. The problems related to the practices for the extinction of the previous loans are resolved, as it is the bank itself that takes care of them.

However, to take advantage of this service it is essential to be up to date with the payment of the installments. Once you have achieved unification in a single installment, you can extend the duration of the loan up to seventy-two months, so as to have a lighter monthly repayment.


WHAT DOES CARESA <a href=bank DO WITH YOU LOAN IN YOUR POCKET?” width=”640″ height=”431″ />

For You Loan in Tasca is a financial product designed by Astro to meet the needs and real needs of applicants. For You Loan in Tasca can be used when, how and where you prefer: you can use liquidity a little at a time, depending on the needs of the moment, based on the availability granted, at the same time, you can choose the duration and the amount of each loan, if it is not used: the whole does not include any cost.

In simple words and in three simple steps it is possible to describe and summarize the functioning of this particular financial product:

  1. the loan is subscribed in the branch and it is allowed to request a minimum amount of $ 1000 to a maximum of $ 5,000;
  2. the availability of liquidity on one’s account is immediate and the customer chooses the method and time of use, as well as the duration of the repayment plan, which can range from a minimum of twelve installments to a maximum of forty-eight;
  3. once the loaned money is returned, it becomes available for future use.

To activate Per Te Prestito in Tasca you can choose one of the following modes: on the internet or through the app Your Bank available for Android and IPhone, if the customer is the owner of a contract that provides services via internet, mobile and telephone, to the automated teller machines and part of the bank group, for customers with a Bancomat or Nexcard or in any branch of the group.



The Multiple Loan is a type of financial product designed to help customers deal with unforeseen, important, even non-professional expenses.
The Multiple Loan is intended for both employees, self-employed workers and pensioners, who are between the ages of eighteen and eighty; the purpose of the loan is to satisfy family and personal needs, with the exception of the purchase of real estate or assets intended for business activities.

The loan is disbursed on a current account, and from this it proceeds with the payment of monthly installments. In the case of early repayment, it is granted either totally or partially, with the payment of a fee equal to 1% of the amount repaid.

The Multiple Loan has a duration ranging from a minimum of two years to a maximum of ten, but the pre-amortization period must also be added to this time frame. The amount payable ranges from a minimum of $ 2,000 to a maximum of $ 75,000 and this sum already includes the activation of the insurance policy.
The interest rate applied is fixed for amounts less than $ 50,000, fixed or variable for all those exceeding the previous sum indicated.

For the subscription of the Multiple Loan it is necessary to present a series of documents requested by the bank, however, the indispensable ones are the following: the latest tax returns or the last pay slips; in any case it is not necessary to show any cost estimate.
With the Multiple Loan it is possible to take advantage of two options, namely the following:

  • postponement postponement;
  • installment change.

With the first option it is possible to postpone one or more installments, while with the second one it is possible to reduce or increase the amount of the installment: in both cases the duration of the loan will lengthen or shorten based on the deferred, reduced or increased installments.

It goes without saying that for both options it is necessary to comply with precise clauses, for example, the options can be activated after payment of the first twelve installments and, throughout the duration of the loan, you can request to postpone a maximum number of installments equal to one installment for each repayment annuity after the first; the reduction or increase in the amount of an installment may determine the extension of the loan up to a duration of ten years (for loans with an original duration of seven years) or therefore years for loans with an original duration of over seven years).

During the period in which the installments are postponed it is not necessary to repay anything, the interest will be accrued on the residual capital and deferred on the number of the remaining installments: the rate applied is the original one.